Custom Diesel Fuel Additive Blends

Concentrated Multifunctional Diesel Fuel Additives are the Foundation for Financial Success.

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Global Energy Research & Development Inc. strives to produce the most concentrated cost effective additive blends for Diesel, Gasoline, Oil and Greases.

Benefits that are gained by using a Global Energy Research & Development Inc. designed products include:

  • Lubricity Improver

  • Cetane Booster

  • Cold Flow Improver

  • Water Disbursement 

  • Detergent 

  • Asphaltens Inhibitor

  • Stabilizer 

  • Die-icer 

Todays standards of diesel fuel production have force diesel equipment operators & company owners to search for, or create a preventative maintained program. These programs are designed to combat the negative effects of diesel fuel. Unfortunately most operators are unaware of how to effectively combat these problems resulting in a loss of time & money for their company


Looking to maintain a clean fuel delivery system from the bulk terminal to the combustion chamber? Learn More about our bulk fuel quality management service.