Diesel Analytical Lab & Field Testing 

Longevity Through Preventative Maintenance 


Global Energy Research & Development Inc. provides a wide range of ASTM testing and analytical services.

Services Include:

  • Viscosity Index

  • Low Temperature Kinematic Viscosity\j

  • Density Meter 

  • Pour Point Meter

  • Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP)

  • Cetane Value ASTM D613

  • Water Separation by ASTM D-1401

  • pH Testing

  • Particle Count Testing

Testing should be done at least twice per year. The never ending changes to the composition of should be anticipated and their affects reviewed promptly. Any negative affects from the utilization of diesel fuel should be combated in a companies preventive maintenance program. 



Discover how you can rid your company of the costly microbial contamination that plagues the life of filters and injectors.


Bulk Diesel Fuel Contamination